About Lawtest

The company LAWTEST is created with the purpose, to help business on the Internet. Creating a website and starting a business in a free network does not make the business free from legal liability.

On the contrary, every communication on the network, any information is saved virtually forever. So any of your or your employees, careless word, promise or statement can cause not only resentment of the client, but also lead to legal action.

In addition, in recent years, the Internet has started to cause virtually unhealthy interest among all state supervisory bodies in all jurisdictions of the planet.

Therefore, when you create a website, devote your strength and time to its legal purity. And do not start work, from the moment when you realized only the costing of services and forms of payment!

Be sure to post terms and conditions on the website in which you describe your offer to customers. Keep customer data based on your privacy policy, be prepared to answer questions about money laundering (Know your customer, KYC) and AML. “Money laundering” . And sleep peacefully.

Although many of us are lawyers, we do not provide you with legal services and do not enter into a lawyer or client relationship with you. We provide you with excellent templates and examples of legal documents, explain their purpose and recommended sections, but we advise you to enlist your lawyer when finalizing your individual documents.


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