Privacy policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) explains the collection, use, processing, transfer and disclosure of “personal information” on, which applies to those who use our website as defined below. This Privacy Policy is included in the Terms of Use (“General Terms”), which is located at

This Privacy Policy also explains our respect for you regarding our use, processing, transmission and disclosure of non-personally identifiable information when using our website, which collects as a Service Provider. “Non-personal views and site usage data” refers to information that collects indirectly and automatically about your actions when visiting the website and using the Services using tools such as Google Analytics and others. The type of information we collect focuses on general information, such as general location, country or city where you are (not intentionally, location information), pages you visit, website activity, information about the browser you use, and etc. In addition, whenever you visit the site or use our services, our servers (which, again, can be hosted by a third-party service provider), keep a simple text log of operations.

2. Our principles

Lawtest assumes responsibility for the personal information and data that we collect and process about you through our Services, whether it is personal information or viewing and data on the use of the site. We have developed our Privacy Policy in accordance with the following principles (“Principles”):

  • The privacy policy, including provisions for the collection, processing and use of data, should be public, comprehensive and searchable;
  • It is necessary to process, collect and maintain only the minimum amount of personal information reasonably necessary for the provision of services to you, and only in cases where it is reasonably necessary or required, in accordance with the principles of proportionality; and
  • Personal information that you provide through our Services, or that we collect as a result of your use of our Services, should not be used for marketing or advertising purposes and should not be provided voluntarily (without your permission) to anyone else, if this is not required.

3. Collect personal information at Lawtest

We may collect and process personal information through our Services, including but not limited to:

  • due to your choice of one of our services;
  • when you provide us with your personal information, for example, by sending us an email or subscribing to receive updates from Lawtest;
  • by subscribing to one of our topics for discussion, by email;
  • when you buy a service;
  • when creating a Lawtest login service account;
  • when you use the Lawtest website

In particular, the following personal information will at least be collected:

  • Name;
  • E-mail address;
  • The country in which you are located and / or which you have voluntarily chosen to communicate;
  • Any other information that you choose to provide or that Lawtest may request

This personal information will be available only to Lawtest.

4. What makes Lawtest; with personal information

We use the personal information you provide to us to send you information by email in the form of letters and newsletters.

We use the personal information you provide to us when you send us emails or subscribe to receive updates from Lawtest to respond to your request — for example, to reply to your email address or send you news about Lawtest news.

When you subscribe to updates from us, your email address is sent and stored in a customer relationship management database (for example, MailChimp or CiviCRM) hosted on servers that only Lawtest employees and contractors can access. Lawtest may change the CRM system (s) from time to time.

Currently Lawtest; uses payment systems VISA and MASTERCARD to pay for services, but Lawtest; may use additional payment methods. You acknowledge and agree that Lawtest; may use and process your information in connection with the use and processing of your service order with any third-party payment processing to process your payment. Your information is governed by the privacy policies of such third-party websites, and you agree to the transfer of your information to these websites and service providers. Lawtest; is not responsible for the processing and use of your information on third-party sites.

When you buy a service from us, your personal information will be used to send you the services you purchased. If you register to receive updates from Lawtest, we will use your personal information to send you messages about Lawtest news.

5. Disclosure of personal information

In general, the practice of lawtest; does not disclose personal information to third parties. Except as set forth herein, we may provide your personal information in the following cases:

  • First, Lawtest may share personal information with our contractors and service providers in order to maintain, improve or add the functionality of the Services, organize and launch an event for which you have registered for participation.
  • Secondly, we may disclose your personal information to third parties with a conscientious belief that such disclosure is reasonable and necessary: ​​(a) to take action with respect to the alleged illegal activity; (b) to enforce our core terms and this Privacy Policy; (c) subject to legal procedures, such as a search warrant, subpoena, court order or ruling; or (e) consider the legitimate interests pursued by Lawtest or a third party (unless such interests overlap with the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, which require the protection of personal data, in particular, when the data subject is a child) and ensure that the applicable laws.

6. Security of personal information collected through services

Lawtest has implemented reasonable physical, technical and organizational security measures for personal information that Lawtest processes, transmits, stores and controls accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access in accordance with applicable law. However, no web site can completely eliminate security threats. Third parties may bypass our security measures to illegally intercept or gain access to transmissions or private communications. If any violation occurs during the storage of personal data, we will post a sufficiently noticeable notice on the website and will provide all other applicable data privacy requirements, including, when necessary, a personal notice to you, if you have provided, and we have saved your email address mail.

7. Information from cookies and similar technologies

We and our service providers (for example, Google Analytics, as described in section 1 above) may collect information using cookies or similar technologies for the purposes described above and below. Cookies are pieces of information stored in your browser on your hard drive or in the memory of your computer or other device accessing the Internet. Cookies can allow us to personalize your experience in the Services, maintain a constant session, passively collect demographic information about your computer and track advertisements and other events. Sites can use different types of cookies and other types of local storage (for example, browser-based or plugin-based local storage).

8. Non-personal viewing and information on the use of the site. We process and collect

When you use Lawtest, our servers (which may be hosted by third-party service providers) may process and collect information indirectly and automatically (through, for example, using your “IP address”) about your actions while visiting the site and using our Services, information about the country in which you are located, and about the browser that you use. In addition, we use website services and application analytics provided by third parties who use cookies and other similar technologies to collect information on the use of websites and Services, as well as reporting on trends without identifying individual visitors (that’s all “non-personal browsing” and site usage information, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, and as described in section 1. Third parties who provide us with these services may also collect information about your use of Your third-party websites. You can learn about Google’s practices regarding this collection of information and how to opt out by downloading the Google Analytics browser add-on available at Whenever you use your Lawtest account, our servers (which, again, can be hosted by third-party service providers), keep a log of your website visits. We can provide personal browsing information that we collect to our third-party service providers in connection with their services.

9. Lack of binding

We do not intentionally link viewing information or information from our Lawtest login server logs with personal information that you submit to us. We use this information only for internal purposes, for example, to help understand how the Services are used, to improve our Services and for system administration. Lawtest may use third-party analytics providers (for example, Google Analytics, as described in section 1 above) to help us collect and analyze non-personal browsing and site usage information using our Services for the same purposes.

In connection with your use of the Services, you can tag content, create lists of favorite content and do other things to personalize your experience. However, you must not mark other persons or publish photographs and other images or clearly copied texts without the consent of another person. This information will be kept by Lawtest.

10. No sale or sharing

Except for the unique situations defined in this Privacy Policy, Lawtest does not sell or otherwise voluntarily provide non-personal information about viewing, which we collect and process about you or about the use of the site by third parties.

11. Lack of access; Learn more about Lawtest sign in services

As a Lawtest login service provider, Lawtest can access your online account associated with such services and can log in on behalf of any registered user to any of the accounts they have accessed using Lawtest login services. Lawtest will never use this technical logon capability for any purpose, except as required by law.

12. Saving data

Lawtest typically discards non-personal browsing information from our systems as soon as we use the information for the limited purposes described above and described in other sections of this Privacy Policy. Nevertheless, we can, but are not obliged to store certain data in connection with routine backups of information technology and for archival purposes.

13. Notification

Any other non-personal information that we collect that is not specifically described in this Privacy Policy will be collected, processed, transmitted and used only in accordance with the Principles.

14. Reorganization

Lawtest may transfer part or all of your personal and / or non-personal information to third parties as a result of reorganization, consolidation or similar events. For such transfers, the privacy policy of the acquirer applies. In such a case, Lawtest will make reasonable efforts to notify you and ensure that at the time of the transaction the acquirer’s privacy policy complies with the Lawtest Principles and all applicable laws.

15. Children

Services are not directed to children under the age of 13. In accordance with the US Federal Law on the Protection of Children’s Privacy on the Internet of 1998 (COPPA), we will never consciously request personal information from persons under the age of 13 without requiring parental consent. Our core conditions specifically prohibit anyone who uses our Services from providing any personal information about persons under 13 years of age. Any person submitting their personal information to the Lawtest through our Services confirms that they have turned 13 years or more.

16. Third Party Sites

Services may include links to other websites. You should familiarize yourself with the relevant privacy policies of these third-party sites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to them, and we cannot control the activities of such other websites.

17. Special Note for International Users

If you access or use Services in regions with laws governing the collection, processing, transfer and use of data, please note that we may transfer your information to recipients in countries other than the country in which this information was originally collected. These countries may not have the same data protection legislation as the country in which you initially provided the information. Services are hosted in the European Union. Please note that your personal information may be hosted on servers in the European Union. By submitting your personal information and verifying all the required fields, you expressly agree to use your personal information for the use indicated above in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

18. Accuracy of Personal Information Collected

Lawtest intends to keep personal information accurate and current. We also retain personal information longer than is necessary to fulfill the objectives described in section 3 above, or in accordance with the requirements of the law. If you need to make changes to your personal information, please let us know immediately. If you notify us of the changes, or we otherwise become aware of any factual inaccuracies in the personal information, we will immediately make the necessary changes. You also have the opportunity to update some of your personal data yourself through your account or Lawtest profile, if you have one.

19. Access to personal information

Along with all other rights granted to you in accordance with applicable law, you can at any time request information about personal information that Lawtest has. If you want to access such personal information, you must submit an application in writing to Lawtest. You usually have the right to access personal data stored in the Lawtest and incorrect data, corrected or deleted, as long as Lawtest still supports it. In certain circumstances, you may also have the right to object for legitimate reasons for the processing or transmission of personal information.

20. Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. When we do this, we will provide you with a notice of such an update using (at a minimum) a sufficiently noticeable notice on the website and services and rework the Effective Date below. We recommend periodically reviewing this Privacy Policy in order to be aware of how we protect, use, process and transmit the personal information we collect.

21. Use this Privacy Policy for your own purposes

The text (but not trademarks, including the name Lawtest, branding and appearance of this site) of this Privacy Policy is in the public domain under Public Commons CC4.0 Public Domain Dedication. You may use and adapt this Privacy Policy and any applicable additional privacy rules for your own purposes. These conditions are provided by AS-IS and without any warranty of any kind (for more, see Text CC4.0). Please note that this Privacy Policy may not be appropriate for your situation. Lawtest strongly recommends that you seek advice from your lawyer before reviewing this Privacy Policy on your own website. Lawtest is not your lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

Effective date: January 10, 2018.


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