Create Terms & Conditions

1. General description Terms and Conditions

Your Terms and Conditions determine in many ways, if not all, the success of your business.

You tell the client what and how you propose, agree with him frame terms, scope and conditions. Actually you sign a written contract with him. thus excluding the misinterpretation of oral negotiations and electronic correspondence.

Of course, in each individual case, in cooperation, you can specify the aspects in an individual contract, but with correctly formulated Terms and Conditions, in 90% of cases this is no longer required. Plus, you are protected from a manager error.

That’s why instruct me to make rules for an experienced lawyer, make sure he understood and formulated all the nuances of your proposal (goods and services). Do not spare the effort to prepare Terms and Conditions, do not treat them as a formal section of your site. You will spend one time, but they will always serve you, as much as your business. And you will never have problems with either forcible collection or legal proceedings.


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